15/09/2013 –

TO ALL and SUNDRY, touching on one of my favourite Scrumptious subject, currently all HOT ON AND ODD THE PRESS!

  • In my modest opinion the scrum trial should be extended to 2 seasons. This will give more time for everyone to learn the new and old nuances. Plus the beneft of a full season under their belt. Also to prepare in the off season time (2 months)
  • The New Directives of the IRB have only countered and eliminated THE HIT. The Scrum is a force generating machine driven or contributed by 16 players. When RESTRICTIONS come in place in the form of a law, the players get frustrated and wittingly or unwittingly will look for a way to channel that force. This is what happened with C-T-P-E. and now with the new prescription: C-B-S. WE STILL HAVE ONE STEP TOO MANY!
  • I recommend in my book ( the most efficient, safe and easier to control/referee. the following engagement sequence: CROUCH  –  PACK. This is safe, decisive, unambiguous, clean, not messy, easy to learn, common sensical, uncomplicated, Etc. etc.
  • Furthermore, the Scrum Law must be overhauled and brought into the realities of professionalism in the 21st century.
  • Referees’ bossy and talkative manner/attitude must be scraped. They are flat out trying to properly referee the game and have no time to spare, to think, and talk to others. This is what I call a misuse of the Law Book. Only talk to the captains when the game is stopped. By the way the call for No9 to put the ball in should A SILENT ARM SIGNAL. The “use it or lose it” directive is pathetic and unfair on the team in possession.
  • Referees must Supreme Court Judges and not a nit-picking Constables. Referees must ENABLERS of the game Not the stop – starters of it.
  • See, is not that complicated after all. It gets complicated when Referees are in charge of making the law and the rules. A PROFESSIONAL LAW MAKER MUST BE APPOINTED IN CHARGE OF THIS AREA OF THE GAME and not someone that has a glaring conflict of interest. Locked them away for 12 months: and then like Moses they come out and give us the tables!
  • Consultation with experts should be much wider than the narrow net casting of the IRB with the Scrum Steering Group. This problem with the scrum has had recently its 10th Anniversary (2004). You need to include ex-Internationals that have played on the following decades: 1960 – 1970 – 1980 – 1990- 2000 – 2010. This would provide fresh knowledge as well as old wisdom!!! (zzzzzzzzz…..)Happy reading to you,                                                                                                                 tOPO                                                                                                                                                                                                 International RUGBY Consultants

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