~ From Depression to Euthymia … and a jump into Hypomania ~

Have decided to apply the little I know about ‘poetic prose’ expression. This is my hobby and favoured ‘treatment to words’.  Whereas bipolar, a set of biologically based manifestations that can cause regular forced ‘mood migrations’ or complete disappearance of them for hours, days, months and years (namely disthymia).

This is like ‘life sentences’ and consequences every bipolar patient has to endure, when high jacked by these nasty affective disorders. This occurrences of monotonous regularity (twice or three times yearly) accompany me through thick and thin, through high and low, regardless of the level of empathy displayed by my family, friends and acquaintances.


It can be said without dispute,

This is a trip from hell to hell,

Innocuous as it starts, it develops out of control

Like wildfire of the neurons and genomes.


From desperation to elation,

From brilliance to obscurity,

From cleverness to listlessness,

This is bipolar which affects 25% of any nation.


And the untamed and ill-mannered hurricane

Who doesn’t know of traffic lights or even barriers?

Or when to stop or…when to go?

Or when to start up or when to slow… down!


Bouts of lethargy, a few drops of enthusiasm faded

Plotting petty partners’, soon adversaries forever

Being idle what an inglorious way,

In best defense, our brain…never attacked again!


Semi-collections grey conforming hair…

Wild yet predictable and deeply unsatisfactory status quo…is

Of entities, Clayton’s peace of mind is one…

Tsunamis shaking tuna, bonito, salmon standing by.


Euthymic splendour enlightening the senses

Obscurity fades away with remnants of dissonance

Unconquered unrelenting black monster 

And yet fancy dressed disguised.


Alluring essences,… tantalising temptations

While its next victim has arrived ‘looking for that blind ride

A blind date with your nemesis, transitory nature bipolar

Ephemeras reactions, get ready time must be done!  

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez




About toporod

Triple Rugby Union International (1977-1991) The ART of SCRUMMAGING - 2013 Gold Medal Winning Author - [IPPY] - 2014 Silver Medal Winner [eLit Awards] - Enthusiastic writer on Rugby and Bipolar Disorders - International Rugby Consultant and Public Speaker - www.expertrugbyconsultants.com
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