(A personal point of view)

Have found myself in recent times asked/requested to ‘like’ or ‘support’ social and community endeavours, one of them from people that has placed in their Facebook profile the translucent French flag image. Quite obviously this is without enlisting the Légion Étrangère a sort of alignment with all Francofile endeavours, feelings and philosophies

After the monstrosities occurred in Paris just months ago the veiled French flag became the flavor of the month within social media. In my opinion it has been misused to represent ‘some sectors’ and ‘some views’. I’m not here to defend any other’s views other than mine but I have seen in the last 25 years (if not in the last 5000 years of humanity back to the Assyrians and the Chaldeans) many atrocities of war, terrorism and ethnic cleansing coming from the four corners of the world different.

We all are guilty here (by actions or even by association)!

Therefore, I did not and do not align myself with those views. On the other hand I do respect and like the French very much (my like is a conscious and emotional decision and Not an automatic cybernetic LIKE)

Other examples to be taken into consideration:

Quite some time ago the French Secret Service were highly suspected of bombarding and sinking the “Rainbow Worrier” vessel in Auckland Harbour, New Zealand one of the world wide signs of peace, there were a number of innocent deaths as well.

Now hope people supporting ‘that flag’ do understand my position and view point because what they propose with ‘A LIKE’ is a two way avenue!

With kindest regards,


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