Friends, Acquaintances and General Readership,

I like many people would like to express my personal opinion on the incidents occurred recently in Paris, with the resulting very high cost of so many lives lost and others ruined by such a coward and callous attack.

The physical, psychological and emotional damage suffered by so many people is irreparable to those directly affected and to a lot of people worldwide that live on the brink of this type of aggression. This enormous trauma will be present for many years to come. Why? Well, because fear and terror is today reigning supreme and indiscriminately. Many people have been attacked randomly and accidentally trapped in the middle of evil plans of minorities.

The consequences we are experiencing in all orders, as well as the people affected directly or indirectly led me to reflect and ask myself a few questions, without any flags, without borders, without parties, allegiances or partisanship leanings.

So, where is our beloved humanity heading? It is my belief that we have come to this world to collectively preserve it and improve it. If we look at our origins we will realize that are passing by for just a few years. A couple of questions come to mind: Who comes next after us? What do we leave behind? Will our families and descendent have a safe passing?

Humanity 2015 is overwhelmed with so many questions and dilemmas. Our conscience knows that this is not right! These attacks and atrocities are not normal! All these occurrences defy our moral values and principles of coexistence as we knew it. Where are de human rights and its enforcers? Where is the rule of law and its enforcers?

The advances of sciences and the arts in all its beautiful manifestations through the years has been phenomenal. From Pierre and Marie Curie Albert Einstein, Rene Favaloro o Luciano Pavarotti.  I could name hundreds or thousands of wise and intelligent people who have graced and served our world with their cleverness, resourcefulness, discoveries and creations.

In 1966, Neil Armstrong ‘mooned’ (please allow my literary license) with the Gemini 8 and let’s remember when he famously proclaimed: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.  Really?

Again in my humble opinion, but no party or partisanship, the barbarities and atrocities that are happening to all human beings (after we experienced the two world wars and many other extermination of lives). Nobody ever dared to imagine that what’s happening today, is occurring in a “globalized” , multicultural, super knowledgeable, hyper-connected world through cyber highways, GPS satellites and almost any corner of this land.  Are you sure we are going forward?

I think these wise, intelligent strategists of today, rather than invent new and unique things, they should concentrate and rethink: Where is this world heading to? What are our objectives? What is the price we pay for the life that we ourselves and our families have? Are we protecting our legacy for future generations?

As I am neither a scientist nor a wise man or a notable one, I can only convey my concern and ask for some favors to help a little bit in this gigantic task of repairing our morals and ethical principles. Then I ask you to help me in this way:

PLEASE SHARE: Love, friendship, understanding, tolerance, patience, generosity, cooperation, good ideas, understanding, kindness and positivity!

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE: Hate, extremism, intolerance, individualism, selfishness, crime, drugs, toxic ideas and negativism!


When WE MEN (multi gender), defy our common biological human nature and destiny, meaning ‘alter a natural order’, invariably we do commit injustices and atrocities. As intelligent as we might be for many things, it has also been demonstrated that we are also incapable of cohabitating in peace in this globe.

Countries keep invading other countries. Many wars and battles have been fought in the last 5.000 years which do demonstrate that.  But… we-do-not-learn-yet.

Oppressors do not care for the oppressed. Rich people get richer and poor get poorer. A REAL MORAL QUANTUM LEAP is required here to reverse the direction the world has taken, that is of self-destruction!

I’m not of messianic or prophetic inclinations, but every day happenings indicate to me that my assertion is more correct than incorrect. Although we humans have the ability, the potential and the intelligence, yet our individual and collective greediness as well as our selfishness get on the way of just about everything.

‘The healthy way forward’ is a huge job: we need to be a lot kinder, more generous and practice solidarity and gratitude without discriminating for whichever reason! By any means let’s defend our families and properties but…Revenge and hate should be trumped with EDUCATION and TOLERANCE.

Thanks for reading and sharing

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez

About toporod

Triple Rugby Union International (1977-1991) The ART of SCRUMMAGING - 2013 Gold Medal Winning Author - [IPPY] - 2014 Silver Medal Winner [eLit Awards] - Enthusiastic writer on Rugby and Bipolar Disorders - International Rugby Consultant and Public Speaker - www.expertrugbyconsultants.com
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