AUSTRALIAN RUGBY: “A Different era but lessons of 1991 endure for 2015 RWC”

My comments to David Sygall’s Column – SMH – 21/03/2015 – “A different era but the lessons of 1991, endure for 2015 RWC”

Hi David,

A nice article,  am sure Nick Farr-Jones would be enjoying his morning coffee with croissants and laughing his head off wondering about how to run the team at the RWC Final at Twickenham on 31st October 2015! – He’s done it before only 24 years ago, (but I bet you he remembers it every second of it, he used to do it “on one leg” and still managing to make a try saving tackle and scoring another try, but… only if I’m the loose head prop to look after him, jajaja! The older we are the better we get!

Have you presented us with some sort of premonition platter or… is it a wake up call for Australian Rugby @ RWC time?

Honestly, for the last two months everybody has been trying to add some “urgency & weight of expectation” (a la Melbourne Cup) to the preparations” for the 2015 RWC but I must say “the slow horse” has bolted swiftly.

In my modest opinion, a number of administrative blunders have been hampering any chances of even a decent performance for long time. We are REACTIVE an not PROACTIVE! Herewith below, I list just seven of those points:

  1. Am I the only one that see M. Cheika’s appointment, coaching the Waratahs and Wallabies as a HUGE CONFLICT of interest?
  2. Is he Fair-Dinkum?
  3. Is any one at ARU realising that the player talent draining is creating an unstable and non-conducive environment?
  4. When are the players misbehaving going to be accountable for their actions?
  5. I see that since professionalism started in 1995, rugby is all about MORE RIGHTS (players) and less RESPONSIBILITY (players and administrators)?
  6. Do the Directors of ARU, look at the financial reports on a regular basis or from time to time or HARDLY EVER?
  7. Are player/coach Agents still having a field day? Is the ARU ever going to rein them back? – It is a funny old game with funny money and honey money too!

Should I continue digging for information, asking “inconvenient and hard questions”? One last one, please:

How much money are the players, coaches and officials going to be paid regardless of the end results during the 2015 RWC? NOTE: The big majority of people involved in preparations will be staying here behind the team, not sharing the “financial bonanza”.

Monsieur Bernard Lapassett is already planting the “proverbial seed” stating: it will be the biggest ever, don’t know whether it will be “the best ever, though”.

As a Triple Rugby Union International actually find the “reduced accountability” rather disturbing, pathetic, offensive and reprehensible. It smacks of generation XYZ GREED all over! No wonder the ARU was left insolvent by the previous administration.

NOTE: If any? Perhaps we should imitate the Irish Rugby team,  coaches and administration who for the last 36 months have been extra committed, methodical, uncompromising and delivering the goods to the Gods!

Kind regards,

Enrique TOPO Rodriguez, Executive Chairman, RUGBY LEADERSHIP           

E:  ***  Of: +61 2 8116 3289*** C/o PPB Advisory,  Level 7, 8 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW Australia.

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Triple Rugby Union International (1977-1991) The ART of SCRUMMAGING - 2013 Gold Medal Winning Author - [IPPY] - 2014 Silver Medal Winner [eLit Awards] - Enthusiastic writer on Rugby and Bipolar Disorders - International Rugby Consultant and Public Speaker -
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