*SEND THE NASTY POWERFUL CRIMINALS TO ROT IN JAILS * THE REMEMBRANCER * 9/11, Islas Malvinas, Holocaust, Palestine, Israel, Irak, Afghansitan…*

Certainly a very difficult and horrific day for many people! Rminiscing what shouldn’t have happened, what many people have promised never to happen again! Nonetheless, humanity in its rich and long history, continues is obliterating each other and… never for a god reason.

The Twin Towers Horror! 13 years ago I was in my house in Cromer, NSW, Australia when a friend rang me and said those words slicing my reality in bits. “Turn the TV on, you won’t believe what is happening right now! It was a mixture of prediction-epitaph-sentence, how right he was!

When we the community remembers these dates there are no differentiation regarding nationalities, religious credo or financial status, consternation exists pretty much on a global scale and there is no discrimination between virtual pain, real despair or plain death. Those are the moments when we feel have been morally, socially and psychologically raped by selfish vandals, self-serving criminals and outright murders.

Things could be very confusing, complex and extremely difficult in those times, yet I tend to simplify them to the bear minimum in order to be able to digest them bit by bit. That day there were the PEOPLE WITH US and the PEOPLE AGAINST US, a sort of polarization of death vs. survival.

It would be just as bad for any other country to go through similar terror attacks. We have recently witnessed the MH17 Malaysian Airlines blown off the skies in Ukraine and the pain caused was enormous. I’m sure also that the psychological scars are still haunting the whole city and will be there for long time, but life goes on and so we should, Let’s We Forget!

In reflecting this horror day, just a couple of days ago I was remembering similar brutal and heartless men made disasters in the four corners of the world. And whether it was about 300, 3.000 or 30,000 catastrophic loses; it is a crime on humanity.

If you rob $100. – You are as guilty as having robbed $1M! – However, those happening certainly have introduced “the fear of the unthinkable”, making us think, “The impossible is now quite possible these days”. Every day of existence has that element of doubt, peace of mind has been taken away, has been erased from our “hard disk”, in a funny way peace of mine has gone walk about!

In this act of bastardry that took 3.000+ lives we need to account that every person assassinated had at least some 15 or 20 close friends and families.  Dollars lawnmowers or broken down washing machines, these were real and irreplaceable people.

The South Atlantic Conflict of April/May/June 1982 between Argentina and England (in reality, it was the whole of the Commonwealth) with New Zealand within 24 hours of war declaration, the first country to pledge allegiance to Great Britain committing the Canterbury frigate to support the hostilities. In no doubt, that this war was totally dumb and nonsensical (both sides).

However in my REMEBRACE BOOK, Ms. M.Thatcher has been given the top awards as “The Heartless Bitch” when she ordered the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano killing in the process in excess of 300 people. In fact with this war the English Prime minister resurrected her political career.

Honestly, I don’t care who am I or will I offend with my remarks. I know from several facts that Great Britain was ably assisted by Chile, NZ, USA and Brasil. In some cases fuel was provided for their fleet, supplies or satellite services relied on to the commandment. History for ever it will condemn and curse Augusto Pinochet and his dubious dealings with M. Thatcher.

Anyhow, as things were developing, within a week or two of hostilities, one day I said to my wife Ines (then). If they call me up to join the army and go to war, I’m ready to go. She didn’t think much about her reply, snapped back at me: “You stupid man, would do anything for a bit of glory”. My response was terse and to r their fleet, the point and responded with: “If I cannot defend my country when is at – I will never be able to face my children” Conclusion: I divorced her 10 years ago, “big bills” take some time to cancel!

From a slightly different angle yet still related and relevant for this article, In 1982 I was 30 y.o. living in Cordoba (I owned and run a Fitness Centre) with a 6 years old daughter and a 1 year old son. I was the Captain of the Argentina “B” rugby selection to tour NZ for 6 weeks and when the belligerences commenced, quite obviously the tour was aborted and I was denied of that honour).

Nonetheless, many other places of yesterday such as The Holocaust with 30.000 or 50.000 lives lost, Burma Rail, Kokoda, Kosovo, etc. etc. these conflicts have seen/witnessed/felt shocking  atrocities beyond belief or tolerance. Yet, today in Irak, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Palestine and Israel we see the same or similar aberrations and now in the name of religions or sects. Humanity has learnt very little or nothing about democracy, tolerance, cooperation and solidarity.

ISLAS MALVINAS, a chronological account of facts.

By-The-Way: The first, original, rightful and lawful name of that set of Atlantic ocean islands which are the South Georgias, South Orcadas, Shetland, Sandwich are LAS ISLAS MALVINAS. If anyone tell you otherwise, tells them “they are dreamin”, please send them to talk to me and I’ll give them the royal roasting and straightening of the truth… Find following some undeniable historical and chronological facts as well as relevant information to go with it, for those not well equipped in the memory department and that want to re-assess what have heard from the British Government o media.

  • 1493 – The Catholic Church gave one of its Bullas Papules or Bullas Pontifical to the Kings of Castilla and Leon. Those “bullas” where lead sealed documents, decrees to do with political, religious and business of a government.
  • 1520 – Magellan was one of the recipients of those Bullas Papales (They granted exclusive navigation rights for the South Atlantic Ocean)
  • 1766 – Against all previous promises the British Armada invaded one of the Islands and founded Port Egmont
  • 1767 – France supported those Bullas in order to repel some advancements of the British Armada.
  • From 1493 the Spanish Government appointed Governors installed in the Malvinas until 1811 (32) in total, if this is not institutionalization and political organization, what is?
  • 1766 – The British were thrown out
  • 1790 – Great Britain signs an agreement of NON Invasion and Non-belligerence in the Malvinas Islands
  • 1825 – A treaty of Friendship. Commerce and Navigation was signed.
  • 1829/06/10 – The Argentine Government promulgated a decree creating the “Islas Malvinas Military and Political Government”.
  • 1831 – A marauding USA ship was destroyed at Puerto Soledad.
  • 1833 – A Royal British Marine corvette arrived at Islas Malvinas with several other ship
  • 1841 – Great Britain “decides to colonies” Islas Malvinas and named a British Governor
  • 1908 – Great Britain without consent or permission annexed the territories of South Georgia’s, South Orcadas (Orkney), Shetland, Sandwich and even far reaching to territories of Antarctica

Technically speaking, before 1497 it was the English Empire which ruled the roost and after that it became Great Britain. In those times, they were playing 3rd fiddle to the intrepid Portuguese and Spaniards who exploited the seas and commerce with brilliant mastery.

So, the usurpation of the Islas Malvinas came about at times when the Brits won the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, which became the definitive moment they got the Portuguese and the Spanish “monkeys off their back”. Trafalgar became “the line on the sand” regarding maritime and commercial prowess. They started their serious domination taking the French, Spanish and Dutch colonies by storm; finally Britannia was ruling the world and didn’t have better idea than usurping the South Atlantic. Baring some differences of resemblances and manicured behavior those Brits were “raping and pillaging” and controlling a steady, powerful and mighty fleet. Those newly “acquired” British colonies were a product of “day light robbery”. From the 17th century ill the 21th century the British Empire got so carried away and ended up controlling the following:

USA for 200 years,  Hong Kong, Singapore, West Indies, Caribbean, India, New Caledonia, Middle East, and Africa. So, I dare say, those English sailors got used to the booty and attention received by the locals, and continued misappropriating territories were they pleased and had no business to conduct.


“GIVE POWER TO THE POWERLESS; and                                                                           SEND THE POWERFUL CRIMINALS TO ROT IN JAILS”

With kindest regards,                                                                                                                       Enrique TOPO Rodriguez                                                                                                             12/09/2014

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