Dear Readership and Friends,
Since I arrived to Australia in March 1984, have heard countless times that “the Brits are renowned as dodgy, duplicitous, chokers” when performing at their sporting fields and sometimes other fields too. This is particularly evident with Poms! (but they also are great at inventing sports though, am not sledging here – just facts). 
Before I heap some prize on the Brits, I’d like to clarify and remind all and sundry about two mega-voids which in my modest opinion will keep a healthy separation between Englishmen and Argentinians, well apart. History and time are relentless judges and in the long run is associated with Justice. When we want to move forward we must go backwards first and set the records straight, so here we go into the time tunnel / memory lane:
1) Juan Manuel Fangio won five car racing F.1 World Championships between 1951-1957. Sir Jackie Stewart, three times between 1965-1975 and Sir Jack Brabham AO, OBE won three World Championships between 1959-1966.
2) The infamous sinking of the ARA General Belgrano commercial ship in 1982 at the “Guerra de Las Malvinas” was a criminal act of human bastardy by the English Prime Minister and still is! On the other hand, the ownership of the South Atlantic Islands may or may not be debatable. Nonetheless, 323 lives were lost in an act of human treachery (Geneva Convention), this is non-negotiable and still is hurting a lot of Argentine people that never had closure even now 32 years later.
Nevertheless, after 30 years in my “learning curve” and making my own mind up, I’d say there are quite a few excellent exceptions, Eddie Jones and John O’Neill could testify of that after loosing the RWC final to England in 2003 in Sydney. Furthermore, it comes to my mind those unique individuals that in rare fantastic occasions out-performed the world, such as: 
ENGLAND: The 2003 RWC winning team with Sir Jonny Wilkinson, Sir Martin Johnson and Sir Clive Woodward at the helm in an EPIC final in Sydney’s Olympic Stadium. Furthermore, English front rowers such as: Jeff Probyn, Paul Rendall, Victor Ubogu, Fran Cotton Peter Wheeler and Phil Keith-Roach.
Reg Clark (Principal of RHINO Scrum Machines), Sir Bill Beaumont CBE, Will Carling OBE ,  and the irrepressible Micky Steele-Bodger CBE (one of my greatest mates) from Cambridge, Barbarians FC and East India Club (famous/infamous) who doesn’t mind “playing hard and living fast”.
Bobby Windsor, Charlie Faulkner, Graham Price (Legendary front row), Ray Williams OBE, Gareth Edwards CBE, Shane Williams MBE, Dr Clive Norling (Referee)
Colin Deans MBE (my mate), John Jeffrey (Scotland), Iain Milne (The Bear) 
Philip Orr (my mate), Ray McLoughlin, Tony Ward, 
ROWING:  Sir Steve Redgrave CBE
FOOTBALL: Bobby Moore, George Best
CRICKET: Sir Ian Botham
TENNIS: Andy Murray, Chris Evert-Lloyd
ATHLETICS: Lord Sebastian Coe
CAR RACING: Sir Jackie Stewart
GOLF: Sir Nick Faldo 
CYCLING: Sir Chris Hoy
Nonetheless, I feel this time ENGLAND RUGBY has got their shit together again. Thus, I invite you to watch the enclosed You Tube link to a fantastic promo-video.
PS: BTW, I love long introductions, I’ve learnt from the best at them: Alan B. Jones AO, (Australian Rugby Coach 1984-87) and to The Brits, remember that November 2014 will be 30 years of the 1984 Grand Slam by The 8th Wallabies because as part of the Commonwealth and still being under “Lizzie, the Queen”. So, Let’s we forget!
And for my “donkey friends” here is the prized “carrot”:
ONE LAST THOUGHT: My prognosis for Saturday match between WALLABIES AND ARGENTINA at the Gold Coast IS: since the Pumas have played 15 matches and have managed just 1 draw, I think our Pumas are hungrier than our Wallabies. Thus, I predict an Argentina win by 1 point!  Go and put your house on it! if you like. And… No I don’t have a hotline to God.
With kindest regards,
[Award Winning Author – 50% Argentine + 50% Australian]
C/o PPB Advisory – L.7, 8-12 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

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