Dr Rick, Good to see you “hitting the airwaves”. While the IRB (pardon World Rugby) is growing exponentially club rugby throughout the world is on its knees. This is something I’ve never comprehended because the school and club rugby players are the ones one day eventually will pull the international jumper. As it’s well known “the Grassroots” are disconnected from the entity that absorbs 90% of the Nation’s budgets! – Just food for thought….. till soon, TOPO


Scrum V wants to know about your rugby club characters

BBC Wales’ television series Scrum V is back for a new series and wants to hear about the characters and local legends connected with rugby clubs around Wales.

Presenter Ross Harries will be joined throughout the 2014-15 season by some of the finest rugby pundits around to discuss the talking points from all the action, with the first programme kicking off on Sunday 7 September.

Reporter Rick O’Shea will also be on the road visiting local clubs to find out what makes them unique and also what they might be doing to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War.

Scrum V is keen to hear your stories and how clubs are remembering the local players that lost their lives in the conflict, so please email us at:scrumv@bbc.co.uk.

Rick unfortunately won’t be able to visit every club you tell us about, but a selection will feature on the programme throughout the 2014-15 season.




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Triple Rugby Union International (1977-1991) The ART of SCRUMMAGING - 2013 Gold Medal Winning Author - [IPPY] - 2014 Silver Medal Winner [eLit Awards] - Enthusiastic writer on Rugby and Bipolar Disorders - International Rugby Consultant and Public Speaker - www.expertrugbyconsultants.com
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