“Endless scrum resets and some poor refereeing are making rugby hard to enjoy” By Paul Thomas – (26/03/2014)


NZ – http://www.listener.co.nz

Paul Thomas (PT)
Enrique TOPO Rodriguea (ETR)

(PT) Are referees and scrums making rugby unwatchable? Thus far, precious little of Super. Rugby has been pretty to watch, and pedantic (and sometimes inept) refereeing and endless mucking around at scrum time are the usual suspects.


a) The attitude of: Group 2: (Administrators and Referees) towards Group 1:(Players, Coaches, Public and Media)

b) Group 2 only exists because Group 1 exists, so better treatment and care should be given to the “prime movers”
c) Both Groups (1&2) must be responsible for the running of rugby
d) Referees: must ENABLE the game, not coach, not manage anything
e) Administrators: MUST serve their stakeholders and Employees

(PT) With resets seemingly the norm rather than the exception, scrums are chewing up more and more time.


a) The scrum law must be simplified to facilitate the job of referees; and
b) Referees must be assisted in getting the right tools to do their job easier.
c) Administrators need to be indoctrinated about being employed to wholeheartedly serve their followers and

(PT) There’s a case for stopping the clock once the referee deems a scrum to be unworkable and keeping it stopped while
the forward packs disentangle themselves, listen to a (generally platitudinous) lecture and get back in formation.


a) Referees need to be indoctrinated Not to manage, lecture or coach the players.
b) Their sole job is to administer THE LAW, judging in accordance to the book of the Law
c) They are not the sanctimonious owners of the game.

Therefore, I say that the whole Rugby Law must be renovated or updated to reflect the attitudes of 21st century. Also accommodating the notion that rugby today is a three-legged proposition/activity, which I like to call: The Game-Show-Business!

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