Good initiative by the IRB in STOPPING REFEREES’ VERBALS and improving the SCRUM LAW! – Now that authorities are mindful of these “irritating interferences” by the referees, in my modest opinion they should continue eliminating ALL VERBALS during play.

Referees are flat-out ensuring and enabling the game to go on seemlessly! Thus, Referees should not talk to the players because when they do, they are also letting the opposition know (ALERTING THEM OF) what is happening, what they see with their referees’ eyes. Knowing about what the opposition is doing whether legally or illegally is an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!

So, Refs must go back to the days of refereeing & enabling the game, not interfering or controlling with the tactics of the game. These days referees have got for some reason into MANAGING THE GAME (which appears to be cool and dandy) and also talking technique and tactics (the domain of coaches and players).

If something is not right Referees are the JUDGES, then penalise the culprit and game on, no lectures please (“Rugby is a simple game, sometimes complicated by its laws and its officials”)

Rugby: No yes, nine’ call shows promise – Sport – NZ Herald News
The removal of the yes, nine call to feed the scrum and its replacement with a silent signal between halfback and referee is getting approval…

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